Garden Club

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Every Sunday this summer/fall

Contact or e-mail our Lead Jen & Franke for New projects.

Always looking for contributors and donations. Grow Bags, large planters setting up a watering cycle with timer, vegetation seedlings, dwarf fruit trees, wild flowers, benches, bat houses, lady bugs.

FALL/WINTER PREP: If you have week day time call/Text 916.692.0031 a head of time to let us know you’ll be stopping by. We still have our ORCHARD area to be dug up and planted! Summer has been successful.

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Joy of Living Cooking School

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To be added to our mailing list let us know.

Join us in person at 3rd Saturday 6pm, or check back for the YouTube Playlist Schedule 2024: Click on links below for playlist




YouTube Playlist Schedule 2021: Click on links below for recipes

Download FREE Full Plate Diet booklet; recipes, menus, tips for health

The recipes for 2020: Black Bean Salad, Grilled Squash & Tomatoes, Fresh Apple PieGary’s Squash Soup , John’s Vegan Mash Potatoes.

Presentations and Videos provided by Lifestyle Matters.

2021, Every 3rd Saturday each month* (except Oct & Nov & Dec) on our YouTube channel for a FREE (donations welcome) Cooking Class, demonstration of Vegetarian and Vegan dishes you can prepare in your home.

Please call the church office if you have any questions about our next upcoming event or look in our calendar for the menu.

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The Coming of the Comforter

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An 8 part Series

“Who is the Holy Spirit, and what is it’s role in our lives? 

-Please join Pastor Randy as he leads us on one of the most important journeys in spiritual life.”

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Holiday Food Pantry

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Greetings Woodside family!

God has been good to us through another year. We have so much to be thankful for! 

Our Food Pantry is at capacity once again, with October coming in at 73 families served for a total of 306 people! With the holidays upon us, Woodside is once again giving out gift cards to help offset the added financial stress this time brings. We are hoping to give out 100 $20 gift  cards: 50 in November and 50 in December. 

If you would like to help you can donate directly to the Food Pantry in your tithe envelope (just mark it food pantry) or you can purchase $20 gift cards from your favorite grocery store and give them to Leanne Dawson, Jordon Vaughn, or Elena Elazier. 

Thank you as always for all your support through the year. 

Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas!

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Friday Night Bible Study

Posted on 2023.10.30 by • Updated on 2023.10.30

Come join us as each Friday Night at 6:30pm VIA ZOOM

Bring your Bible.
There will be Prayer, a little Singing, prior to the study.
Contact John V. for ZOOM details or call the church office for direct contact.

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End It Now, Seminar

Posted on 2023.10.19 by • Updated on 2024.05.15

A program of information and resources to fight abuse. Special guest from W.E.A.V.E. will join us. 

Everyone is welcome to this FREE community event Saturday NOVEMBER 4. 

Invite a friend to church, stay for potluck at 12:15, 

and then attend this special event 2pm-3pm in the gym.

Link for Printing Promotional Poster

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Children’s Spring Festival

Posted on 2023.04.18 by • Updated on 2023.04.18

9am-3pm FREE, Designed for Local school aged children. We’re going to have all kinds of fun indoor and outdoor activates.

Please RSVP by April 28th so that we can prepare.

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Book Club

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FIRST & LAST Saturdays at 2pm in Classroom A

We will be going thru your own copy of ” The Pilgrim’s Progress New Amplified: An unabridged retelling of John Bunyan’s immortal classic ” 

Purchase or download your own copy: HARD COPY $18 from Jen U.

Google Books $15

Amazon Kindle $7.00


Christian EBook $9.99

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Religious Liberty Weekend

Posted on 2023.02.28 by • Updated on 2023.03.06
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NCC Women’s Ministries

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