Joy of Living Cooking School- Flyers

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Desserts! Breakfast! 2017-10-21 poster  2016 & older

2013.02 Just Desserts Eating Healthy on a Budget Let's BBQ Fresh & Easy, Vegetarian Cooking Class [easingslider id=”3770″]

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2015 Bear Valley Church Retreat

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Ministry Matters

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Social Media Examples courtesy the Woodside Warriors.

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Woman’s Camping Trip 2013

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We had a full experience at Silver Lake Campground in Eldorado National Forest.  We arrived early Friday to set up camp. It was a secluded walk in site surrounded by large granite rocks and towering redwoods. We ate lunch, then drove to a destination 2.3 mile hike to Lake Margaret. It was a low key hike with some rock or log crawling. We returned in time for dinner.  We welcomed the Sabbath in with worship songs and vesper fellowship, before settling down for bed.

Sabbath morning was misty and dewy. After sharing a filling breakfast we packed our sack lunches. Noticing the high moisture we brought our rain gear and set out across the way to the Pothole Trail. A fun rock climbing adventure along side a rapid creek with epic views. We returned to rest and eat lunch back at camp.

Fellowship time in the tent waiting for the rain to settle and hoping to venture out into Gods wilderness again. It wasn’t until late afternoon when the temperature dropped to 34 degrees that the rain became sloshy snow we agreed to pack up our tent in a pond to drive home while it was still light and safe. Within 30 minutes it was obvious that God lead us to a wise choice to leave when we did.  Making sure to pray for safety on our return, it was very apparent that His hand guided us safely home.  We all had a fabulous time and missed everyone who couldn’t make it. We promise to plan another one as soon as weather conditions are more reliable for everyone.

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JOY Excursion to Sacramento Zoo

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JOY (Just Older Youth) enjoying a trip to the Sacramento Zoo and looking forward to future fun activities.

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2012.06 Horsetail Falls Hike

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2007.04 Aerospace Museum

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2004.10 China Wall/Donner Pass Hike

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Beauty of Woodside

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Photos of the church grounds and campus taken by members and shared with you.

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2002.07 Winchester Mystery Tour

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