About Us

The Woodside Seventh-day Adventist Church of Sacramento is a fellowship of Christ following Seventh-day Adventists who study, worship and have fun together.

Finding Woodside

Our Sign on Eastern AvenueOur church and campus is located in the Arden-Arcade community within Sacramento and is bordered by the Carmichael, North Highlands, North Sacramento, and La Riviera neighborhoods.

Our Sanctuary, Classrooms and Woodside Center are a good distance from the street and can be easily missed; however, our new sign can be easily spotted from Eastern Avenue.

Woodside SDA Church
3300 Eastern Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95821-4010
tel: 916.482.6444
fax: 916.482.6453

A Place of Rest

We strive to maintain a peaceful, safe and friendly environment that is conducive to worship, study and communion with family, friends and God. By providing a restful distraction-free atmosphere we hope to provide a place where burdens and pains melt away and relationships are nourished and flourish.

Our campus has many places to meet, in and out of doors, to either enjoy the beauty of God’s nature or escape less pleasant weather or conditions. Those venturing outside will find benches and tables in several convenient locations while others may prefer to simply unroll a blanket or stretch out on the lawn. Our Sanctuary, Classrooms and Woodside Center also provide a wealth of locations and opportunity for members and guests to meet, study and worship.

What to Expect

Visitors can choose to arrive early and attend one of our Sabbath School classes for small group bible study and discussion before service or they can simply join us later in praise, worship and study during our Worship Service.

Contacting Us

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