Our Need to Pray

Insipirational and thoughtful reminders focusing on our need to pray.

Our Need to Pray: April 15, 2015

“During the economic collapse of October 2008, a Stamford, Connecticut, man threatened to blow up a bank.  When he lost $500,000 of his $2,000,000 portfolio, he planned to bring a gun into the facility and take the lives of innocent people if necessary.  As if a shooting spree would do anything to restore his loss.  […]

Our Need to Pray: April 13, 2015

“You find yourself caught in a maze of emotional contradiction.  Desire pulls at your mind.  Taste clamors for attention.  Lust rears its ugly head.  Fear torments you, reeling depresses you. But the will is you.  God does not decide your future on the basis of your feelings and your fears.  He judges you not by […]

Our Need to Pray: April 10, 2015

“A series of six events is scheduled to take place before  probation closes, before man will have no further opportunity to repent and get right with God: 1 Repentance, Revival, and Reformation among God’s true people, along with a counterfeit revival among those who appear to be true but aren’t. 2 The Sealing whereby God […]

Our Need to Pray: April 8, 2015

“Jesus’ example teaches us that prayer is about relationship.  When he prays, he is not performing a duty; he is getting close to his Father. Any relationship, if it is going to grow, needs private space, time together without an agenda, where you can get to know each other.  This creates an environment where closeness […]

Our Need to Pray: April 6, 2015

In all the travels of the Israelites, whenever the cloud lifted from above the tabernacle, they would set out; but if the cloud did not lift, they did not set out—until the day it lifted.  Ex. 40:36, 37, NIV “The book of Numbers supplies more details.  Whenever the cloud lifted, whether by day or night, […]

Our Need to Pray: April 3, 2015

“When the news first reached Israel that Moses had been denied entrance, it must have caused consternation to the whole people.  They had come to look upon Moses not only as their leader, but as their hope, their intercessor, God’s chosen man.  What terrible sin had he committed that he was to be set aside? […]

Our Need to Pray: April 1, 2015

I am the vine, you are the branches.  He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit: for without Me you can do nothing.  John 15:5 “Sandy’s friends craned their necks up at the blue sky and caught her tiny figure hurling itself out of the plane.  This was her first time […]

Our Need to Pray: March 30, 2015

“Pray, first.  Inoculate yourself inwardly to face your fears outwardly.  “Casting the whole of your care[all your anxieties, all your worries, all your concerns, once and for all]on Him.” (1 Peter 5:7 Amplified Bible). Easy, now.  Slow down.  “Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for Him” (Ps. 37:7 NKHV).  Assess the problem.  Take it […]

Our Need to Pray: March 27 2015

“I am an Irishman. I hear stories of my great-grandfather, who had such a volatile temper—glimpses of which I experience in my own life and have even in some relatives. I always assumed that if anybody did anything to a member of my family, I would attack that person with fury. . . .  But […]

Our Need to Pray: March 25, 2015

“Marriage was divinely established in Eden and affirmed by Jesus to be a lifelong union between a man and a woman in loving companionship.  God’s final message before the great day of our Lord’s return is to have the effect of strengthening families.  This “Elijah message” calling for a decision and repentance “will turn hearts […]

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