Game Night

Posted on 2023.03.07 by • Updated on 2023.03.07

Join adults and youth alike as we play self directed games in the Woodside Center.

New Friends, Snacks, and Drinks WELCOME

2nd Saturdays Sundown-10pm

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Religious Liberty Weekend

Posted on 2023.02.28 by • Updated on 2023.03.06
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NCC Women’s Ministries

Posted on 2023.02.02 by • Updated on 2023.02.02
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Online Bulletins

Posted on 2022.12.14 by • Updated on 2023.01.30
Digital Weekly information guide
2020 Google folder
2021 Google folder
2022 Google Folder
2023 Google Folder
2024 Google Folder
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Pie Auction 2023

Posted on 2022.12.07 by • Updated on 2022.12.08

Please bring ONE pie per family. Pies can be dropped off as early as 6p.

Woodside Members Annual Talent Show at 6:30pm then we will Auction off the pies one at a time, the donations support the Woodside Pathfinders club yearly expenses as well as the Aug 5-11, 2024 Pathfinder International Camporee (for more info). (flat rates are also accepted in person or online)

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Holiday Party 2022

Posted on 2022.12.07 by • Updated on 2022.12.08

Sunday Dec 18, 3pm

Bring a charcuterie board of snacks or desserts of your choosing and a wrapped hand me down gift from home for each participant in the White Elephant gift exchange. Contact Jen to support this ministry.

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Signs of Gratitude

Posted on 2022.11.14 by • Updated on 2022.12.07

Join us in this season of Gratitude. There are many benefits both mental and health to being grateful. Let us follow Jesus into a life reflecting thankfulness. Included are some FREE PDF pintables or download and insert directly into ipad digital/Goodnotes/ or any other planning journal.

Thank you God: Journal pages / Fall Leaf Thankfulness Page

Read an article from Adventist Health on the health benefits.

Benefits of Gratitude by Advent News

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Bible Study Groups

Posted on 2022.10.20 by • Updated on 2023.02.01

Wednesday: 12:00-2pm OFF campus; See Jackie M. for details.

Each Friday Night at 6:30pm Vespers ON CAMPUS (in Woodside Center)There will be Prayer, a little Singing, prior to the study.

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Bible Study on Campus & @Home

Posted on 2022.05.09 by • Updated on 2023.02.02

We look forward to seeing you In Person 9:30am Saturdays: Currently we have ALL classes meeting IN PERSON and are currently getting in touch once again @9:30am.

Links for Hymnal App: / apple Sabbath School App: / google play: Sabbath School App

NON APP Hymnal PDF: NON APP Sabbath School:

YOUTUBE: online sermons Check Main Page for current Sermons audio recordings.

Check our online BULLETIN for latest information and NEW/ Upcoming events. Consider some easy steps to help with family worship time.

Take a look at starting one a Bible study on campus OR If you have to stay home to have an @home Bible study. Consider some easy steps to help you get started.

Check out our Davis Fellowship Meeting in Person on Sabbath.

Adult Study: both teacher and student downloads. Join our FB discussion, (adult crosswords) 3ABN online SS Panel, SS Lesson Book (audio & video), SS Online Lessons and discussions, Discover Bible School

Children’s Study: follow the links for Beginner, Kindergarten, Primary, Juniors Power Points, Podcasts and resources. (app also available) Discovery Mountain, KidsClubforJesus, Free Children’s Activity Sheets MyPlacewithJesus Study Activity Sheets.

We plan to have this weeks Sermons uploaded at the end of the week. Previous Sermons Can be found on our News and Events page or previous Sermon podcasts.

 AT HOME: 2022 Women’s Retreat, Music and seminars Features “Faith for Today” or Hope Channel Visit for stories of hope

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Joy of Living Cooking School

Posted on 2022.04.01 by • Updated on 2023.03.01

To be added to our mailing list let us know.

Join us in person at 6pm, or check back for the YouTube Playlist Schedule 2023: Click on links below for playlist


YouTube Playlist Schedule 2021: Click on links below for recipes

Download FREE Full Plate Diet booklet; recipes, menus, tips for health

The recipes for 2020: Black Bean Salad, Grilled Squash & Tomatoes, Fresh Apple PieGary’s Squash Soup , John’s Vegan Mash Potatoes.

Presentations and Videos provided by Lifestyle Matters.

2021, Every 3rd Saturday each month* (except Oct & Nov & Dec) on our YouTube channel for a FREE (donations welcome) Cooking Class, demonstration of Vegetarian and Vegan dishes you can prepare in your home.

Please call the church office if you have any questions about our next upcoming event or look in our calendar for the menu.

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