Mid-Week Renewal

Posted on 2020.04.03 by WoodsideSDA.org • Updated on 2020.04.23

Each Wednesday 7-8pm (POSTPONED due to CDC recommendations)

Contact the Office for more information

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At Home Study

Posted on 2020.03.16 by WoodsideSDA.org • Updated on 2020.05.22

While on campus services and ministries are suspended in the month of May 2020. We would like you to take a look at having an @ home Bible study. Consider some easy steps to help you get started.

Adult Study: both teacher and student downloads. Join our FB discussion, (adult crosswords) Online Discussions and lessons, Discover Bible School

Children’s Study: follow the links for Beginner, Kindergarten, Primary, Juniors Power Points, Podcasts and resources. (app also available) Discovery Mountain, KidsClubforJesus, Free Children’s Activity Sheets

We plan to have this weeks Sermons uploaded at the end of the week. Previous Sermons Can be found on our News and Events page or previous Sermon podcasts.

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Joy of Living Cooking School

Posted on 2019.01.21 by WoodsideSDA.org • Updated on 2020.04.13


Please Join us every 3rd Saturday each month* (except Nov & Dec) starting at 6:00pm in our Fellowship Hall for a FREE (donations welcome) Cooking Class, demonstration and sampling of Vegetarian and Vegan dishes you can prepare in your home.

We Encourage you to Follow the CDC guidelines and practice the principles of the HOLISTIC lifestyle that will boost your immune system to fight for your health:

Lecture, Food Samples, light body movement, Q&A, raffles, laughs, child care for ages 5+

Recipes of previous events are also available. Recipes from previous events are also provided.

Please call the church office if you have any questions about our next upcoming event or look in our calendar for the menu.

To be added to our mailing list let us know.


The themes for 2020
Jan 18: Soups and Stews
Feb 15: Desserts
March 21: Southern Style  Canceled Due to CDC recommendations
April 18: Vegan Brunch  Canceled Due to CDC recommendations
May 16: South of the Boarder
June 20: BBQ

July 18: Vegetarian Potluck

August 15: Keeping it cool in the kitchen (raw, no cooking required)
Sep 19: Pumpkins
Oct 17: New Years & Holidays

November & December – no lessons, practice your recipes!

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Friday Night Study

Posted on 2017.04.25 by Rebecca • Updated on 2020.04.03

Sign up in the lobby or email the church office. We will be picking up the book “The Book of Revelation Mervyn Maxwell’s Commentary God Cares Volume 2″ Work book pages will be provided.

There will be Prayer, a little Singing, prior to the study.
Contact  John V. for details or call the church office for contact information.

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W.A.Y F.U.N (Youth Group)

Posted on 2016.01.25 by Rebecca • Updated on 2019.01.23

(Woodside~Adventist~Youth   Fellowship~Unity~Nurture)

Meets every 1st & 3rd Saturdays at 6:00pm. For youth of school age children.

Dinner is provided for and by the youth group. We also share songs, fellowship and tons of physical games.youth arms

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Pathfinders Woodside Warriors

Posted on 2015.05.13 by WoodsideSDA.org • Updated on 2020.03.26

Currently Pathfinder club is on hold until regular activities resume on campus.

Pathfinder Bike-A-Thon has been postponed until May 3. So everyone has plenty of time to fill out those sponsor sheets.

Honors: Your pathfinders had just started The Basic Cooking Honor, (Advanced Cooking Honor) if they are at home and would like to work on them at home and submit their paperwork to the leaders for sign off (via email or google classroom) we would be happy to work with you. If your Pathfinder would like to earn any other honors from home please feel free to look over the online curriculum and contact your pathfinder director to let them know.

The Northern California Conference (NCC) has also decided to do something similar by starting a conference-wide Pathfinder group beginning in early April.  They are also using Google Classroom and plan on having “games, worship, honors and prizes”.

See Rick J. for more info. about sign ups and scheduling.

The Sacramento, Woodside Pathfinder Club, as part of the worldwide Pathfinders organization represents a group of young people (ages 10+ & young at heart staff) committed to personal and spiritual growth, focused on christian & community service, and determined to properly care for each other and our environment.

While sponsored globally by the Seventh-day Adventist Church and locally by the Woodside SDA Church of Sacramento, Pathfinders is open to those of any religious persuasion, or none at all.

We meet most Wednesday’s 6:30pm from early fall until the beginning of summer. Together, We enjoy many activities including:

For more information, visit our About Page, the North American Division Pathfinders Website,or the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s Website.

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Sabbath School

Posted on 2010.01.13 by WoodsideSDA.org • Updated on 2020.04.03
Cradle Roll

Join one of the Bible Study Small Groups that meet each Sabbath morning on campus. It’s a safe and inviting way for those who have a desire to deepen their biblical understanding, share their biblical discoveries and apply the scriptures to their lives.

Several classes are available for a variety of age groups from 9:30 am to 10:30 am each Sabbath morning. Let one of our friendly greeters know you’re interested and they’ll show you where to go:

Cradle Roll*0-3
Youth/Young Adult16-30
Adult, Hearing Assisted30+
Adult, English30+
Adult, Ethiopian30+
*A parent/guardian must accompany their child.

All are interactive and you will enjoy getting better acquainted with the other members of your class. Pick the brains of your teachers and fellow students and enjoy learning together!

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Prayer Partners

Posted on 2010.01.13 by WoodsideSDA.org • Updated on 2020.04.03

Each Sabbath morning and many times throughout the week, a faithful group of Prayer Partners bow their heads to seek God’s intervention for numerous requests received during the week. On Sabbath morning the emphasis is on the Sabbath School leadership and the Worship hour that a special blessing and a unique experience will be had by each one who attends. New prayer partners are always needed. Join us!

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Our Library

Posted on 2010.01.13 by WoodsideSDA.org • Updated on 2020.04.03

There are many excellent books available in the Woodside library. Is open after Worship at 12pm on Sabbath Afternoons.

In addition our shelves are stacked with an assortment of videos and audio recordings as well. Our librarian Dick West works very hard to bring the latest books our publishers have to offer. There are a few duplicate books he has for sale if you would like to expand your own library. Just call the church office and we will set a time for you to browse the shelves. The greatest record of events has to be the Holy Bible. We suggest you read it every day!

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Discover Bible School

Posted on 2009.12.09 by WoodsideSDA.org • Updated on 2020.04.03
Discover Bible School Resources

What is Discover Bible School? Simply put, it is Bible study by mail.  Participants learn to understand the Bible and enjoy reading it, while working through a printed guide and corresponding with lay ministers.

Coordinators: Bob B.,  John V., and Claudia, will be happy to help you and connect you with this growing and fulfilling ministry.

Click Here, for more information or to participate in this study online.

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