Woodside Warriors

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Pathfinder club is a once a week event for kids ages 10-14. We check in/out uniform parts “Dress A” and “Dress B” at the beginning and end of the season. Discuss dates and annual pricing. Season Begins Sept 29, 2022-Dec, Spring Registration in Jan-May 2023.

If your Pathfinder would like to earn any other honors from home please feel free to look over the online curriculum and contact your pathfinder director to let them know.

The Northern California Conference (NCC) has also decided to do something similar by starting a conference-wide Pathfinder group beginning in early April 2021.  They are also using Google Classroom (code: vihbd4r) and plan on having “games, worship, honors and prizes”.

Want your Pathfinders credentials? Training- See Rick J.Master Guide ONLINE trainingONLINE Basic Staff Certification ONLINE Leaders in Training LIT

The Sacramento, Woodside Pathfinder Club, as part of the worldwide Pathfinders organization represents a group of young people (ages 10+ & young at heart staff) committed to personal and spiritual growth, focused on christian & community service, and determined to properly care for each other and our environment.

While sponsored globally by the Seventh-day Adventist Church and locally by the Woodside SDA Church of Sacramento, Pathfinders is open to those of any religious persuasion, or none at all.

Together, We enjoy many activities including:

For more information, visit our About Page, the North American Division Pathfinders Website,or the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s Website.


Right Sleeve

From top of sleeve to bottom in the following order:

  • Club Name Patch
  • Title Patch* (staff/LITs)
  • Pathfinder Triangle Patch

*Staff & LIT (Leaders in Training) can have their position or title patch here.

Left Sleeve

From top of sleeve to bottom in the following order:

  • Conference Patch
  • Pathfinder Globe Patch
  • Class Chevrons* (optional)

*Class Chevrons are earned by the completion of Pathfinder Classwork.

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Re Creation In Nature

Posted on 2015.04.13 by Rebecca • Updated on 2015.05.13

Hike in Nature, Please meet us out there at 3:00pm, bring walking shoes, a camera and a snack or sack dinner.
Our walk takes place at a Bird sanctuary.


From Sacramento, take Hwy 99/70 north, when Hwys 99 and 70 split stay on 99 and cross the Feather river bridge.  Turn right at the second signed street after crossing the bridge – this is Laurel Ave.
From Marysville/Yuba City, take Hwy 99 south to just past the old Dingville sign, turn left on Laurel Ave.
On Laurel Ave., go till you reach an “End” sign. At this point the road turns to dirt and gravel and is over private land. We ask that you slow to five miles per hour from the “End” sign to the parking area to keep the dust down. Continue on until you reach the “Bobelaine Audubon Sanctuary” sign, parking lot, kiosk and metal barn. There is a large color map in the kiosk showing the trails and the three entrances to the sanctuary. Map handouts should be available in the mail box adjacent to the kiosk.
If the gate happens to be open DO NOT DRIVE UP THE LEVEE!  Please park in the parking area.

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Re Creation in Nature March 28, 2015

Posted on 2015.03.19 by Rebecca • Updated on 2015.05.13

Hidden Falls Regional Park

Parking is free. It is about 45 minutes from the church.

We will meet us at the park at 3:00 pm.
Take Hwy 80 east to Auburn. Exit Hwy 49 North toward Grass Valley. Drive 2.7 miles north, turn left on Atwood Rd, which becomes Mount Vernon Road after 1.7 miles. Follow Mount Vernon Road 2.6 miles and turn right on Mears Drive. Hidden Falls Regional Park entrance sign is up the hill, on the right.



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Feb 28, Re-Creation in Nature

Posted on 2015.02.05 by Rebecca • Updated on 2015.03.02
effie yeaw
Hoffman/Effie Yeaw Center again.
Direction to Ancil Hoffman Park/Effie Yeaw Nature Center
From Woodside church:  turn left onto Eastern Ave, go south.
Turn left onto Marconi Ave.  Marconi Ave turns into Palm Dr after Fair Oaks Blvd intersection.
Continue on Palm Dr  toward Ancil Hoffman park.
There will be a sign to turn right to Ancil Hoffman park at the junction of Palm and California Dr.  Do not turn right.  Staying on Palm Dr will lead to the pedestrian only park entrance.  No entrance fee.
Continue on Palm Dr around the bend, and turn right to stay on Palm Dr until you get to  San Lorenzo Dr.  Park in front of the homes, and walk down hill on San Lorenzo to park entrance.  A short walk past the park entrance is the Effie Yeaw Nature Center.  We will meet at the San Lorenzo/Palm intersection.
We will spend sometime at the Nature Center ( free admission) before the hike.  The Nature Center closes at 4pm.
Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed. Bring water, snacks, camera and water shoes if you plan on getting near the river to skip stones.
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Re-Creation in Nature: November 22

Posted on 2014.11.17 by Rebecca • Updated on 2014.12.01

American River Parkway from Jacob Lane.
Meet at the Anzai’s after church for a potluck lunch. Bring something to share. At 2:30pm, we will hike to the rapid area of the river (about 1 mile away). Water level is pretty low. Plan on getting partially wet. Prepare towels, water shoes/slippers/sandals, sun screen, hats, and change of clothes.
Alternative: meet at the Anzai’s at 2:30pm for the hike.

We will start at 5pm until we complete a few streets. Details to come.

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Re-Creation in Nature August 23

Posted on 2014.08.11 by Rebecca • Updated on 2014.08.25

Jenkinson Lake at Sly Parksly park lake

This is a fairly easy trail for families with young children. The dirt trail goes along the lake.

From Sacramento, take 50 East/El Dorado Fwy 48 miles to Sly Park Rd in Pollock Pines. Drive 4.5 miles south on Sly Park Rd, pass Sly Park main entrance, and turn left on Mormon Emigrant Trail. Pass two dams, and park on the right side of the road right after the second dam, near Bumpy Meadows parking area. We will meet at the Bumpy Meadows trail head. Parking is free on the side of the road. It will cost $5 to park at the Bumpy Meadows parking. Dogs are allowed on the trail but not in the water.

We will have a picnic supper after the hike.

You may bring swimwear and towels/slippers to play in the water.

Travel time: about 65 minutes one way.

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Woman’s Camping Trip 2013

Posted on 2013.09.22 by Rebecca • Updated on 2015.05.13

We had a full experience at Silver Lake Campground in Eldorado National Forest.  We arrived early Friday to set up camp. It was a secluded walk in site surrounded by large granite rocks and towering redwoods. We ate lunch, then drove to a destination 2.3 mile hike to Lake Margaret. It was a low key hike with some rock or log crawling. We returned in time for dinner.  We welcomed the Sabbath in with worship songs and vesper fellowship, before settling down for bed.

Sabbath morning was misty and dewy. After sharing a filling breakfast we packed our sack lunches. Noticing the high moisture we brought our rain gear and set out across the way to the Pothole Trail. A fun rock climbing adventure along side a rapid creek with epic views. We returned to rest and eat lunch back at camp.

Fellowship time in the tent waiting for the rain to settle and hoping to venture out into Gods wilderness again. It wasn’t until late afternoon when the temperature dropped to 34 degrees that the rain became sloshy snow we agreed to pack up our tent in a pond to drive home while it was still light and safe. Within 30 minutes it was obvious that God lead us to a wise choice to leave when we did.  Making sure to pray for safety on our return, it was very apparent that His hand guided us safely home.  We all had a fabulous time and missed everyone who couldn’t make it. We promise to plan another one as soon as weather conditions are more reliable for everyone.

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2012.06 Horsetail Falls Hike

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2004.10 China Wall/Donner Pass Hike

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