Sabbath School

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Cradle Roll

Join one of the Bible Study Small Groups that meet each Sabbath. It’s a safe and inviting way for those who have a desire to deepen their biblical understanding, share their biblical discoveries and apply the scriptures to their lives.

9:30am Saturdays: Currently we have ALL age group classes meeting IN PERSON Sabbath School classes meeting inside ON CAMPUS. Some (Adult, WYA, Cradle roll) groups also have additional meetings via Zoom @9:30am, or Friday Adult via Zoom. Check bulletin for link.

While other on campus ministries are suspended. We would like you to take a look at having an @ home Bible study. Consider some easy steps to help you get started.

Adult Study: both teacher and student downloads. Join our FB discussion, (adult crosswords) Online Discussions and lessons, Discover Bible School

Children’s Study: follow the links for Beginner, Kindergarten, Primary, Juniors Power Points, Podcasts and resources. (app also available) Discovery Mountain, KidsClubforJesus, Free Children’s Activity Sheets

Several classes are available for a variety of age groups from 9:30 am to 10:30 am each Sabbath morning.

Cradle Roll*0-3A
Youth/Young Adult16-30K
Adult, Hearing Assisted30+Sanctuary
Adult, English30+Center
Adult, Ethiopiancurrently joined30+Sanctuary
*A parent/guardian must accompany their child.

All are interactive and you will enjoy getting better acquainted with the other members of your class. Pick the brains of your teachers and fellow students and enjoy learning together!

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