Prophecy Speaks Hope

Posted on 2012.10.12 by • Updated on 2012.10.15

The Prophecy Speaks Hope series launched on Friday October 12th @ 7:15pm with a focus on:

Eve of Armageddon

Natural disasters, a frightening world economy and intensifying wars… are these precursors to an end-time meltdown or the coming of Christ? Come and hear this thrilling presentation.

If you missed this great lecture, simply ask for a free copy on DVD* next time you visit or wait until the video is posted online.

*Limited quantity available.

The Prophecy Speaks Hope seminar will be hosted by the Woodside Seventh-day Adventist Church in Sacramento and will feature a series of live, illustrated presentations on the Bible in a relaxed atmosphere.  Each night Chuck Holtry will graphically portray a new topic and look at prophecy.

About the Speaker

Chuck Holtry, an educator and speaker who has given lectures to youth and adults in many places around the globe, presents the tremendous themes of prophecy in this eye-opening seminar. His clear and dynamic speaking will make prophecy exciting and easy to understand. Chuck will give you messages night after night that come straight from the Bible and will open before you a bright and hopeful future.  This is a seminar you will not want to miss!

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