Our Need to Pray: April 13, 2015

“You find yourself caught in a maze of emotional contradiction.  Desire pulls at your mind.  Taste clamors for attention.  Lust rears its ugly head.  Fear torments you, reeling depresses you.

But the will is you.  God does not decide your future on the basis of your feelings and your fears.  He judges you not by inborn desires but by deliberate decision.  The decision is you.

Let me illustrate.  I have prayed with men who desperately wanted release from the habits of tobacco and liquor.  And I have seen God instantly take away the craving.  Thank God for miracles like that!

But for many the craving does not diminish.  The craving is still there.  But the will, the decision, is in control.  They do not yield.  And I say, Thank God for that kind of victory!

What does Heaven write into the record?  The craving—or the victory?  The desire—or the decision?

You know the answer.  The desire is not the real you.  The will is you.

           We need to understand the true force of the will.  It is true that we are weak in moral power.  We cannot change our hearts.  We cannot cast out the demons of sin that possess our minds.

But when you decide—when you cry out for a power out of and above yourself—the powers of the soul, strengthened with divine energy, will obey the dictate of your will.  By yielding the will to God, you ally yourself with all the power of His throne.  And it involves no risk.

It was God, you see, who took the risk.  He took the risk when He created man with the power of choice.  Someone might choose to sin.  And someone did!

God took a risk again at Calvary.  I say it reverently.  Jesus took a terrible chance when He allowed Himself to be nailed to that cross.  He could not see through the portals of the tomb.  The sense of separation from His Father, the sense of His Father’s displeasure with sin, was so keen that He feared the separation might be eternal.  That is the chance He took.

You say there is a risk in following Him?  You fear the cost?  You fear the loneliness?  You fear divine invasion of the soul?  You fear the detachment, the isolation from the crowd, that it might involve?

But wait, friend.  It is He who took the risk.  It is He who stayed upon the cross when taunting voices cried.  “Come down!”

Something deep within Him echoed, “Yes, come down!  Why should You take the chance?  Why should You risk Your life when eternity might never give it back?”

But, no.  He took the risk!

Is it risk that has stood in your way?

If this is true, then what stands in the way of your complete commitment to our wonderful Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ?

Remember, it’s perfectly safe!”  I met A Miracle 82, 83 by George E. Vandeman, Pacific Press Publishing Association

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