Our Need to Pray: April 10, 2015

“A series of six events is scheduled to take place before  probation closes, before man will have no further opportunity to repent and get right with God:

1 Repentance, Revival, and Reformation among God’s true people, along with a counterfeit revival among those who appear to be true but aren’t.

2 The Sealing whereby God impresses His character of love into His people while Satan impresses his character of evil into those who attempt to live apart from God.

3 The Latter Rain during which time the Holy Spirit will move upon God’s people and will use them to take the gospel to everyone on earth.

4 The Loud Cry when God’s people will present the last warning message of Revelation 14.

5 The Shaking whereby every one of God’s people will have his faith tested—shaken, if you will—and all who can be shaken will be shaken out of the truth.

6 The Early Time of Trouble when God’s people will suffer persecution before the close of probation . . . until Jesus intervenes through His coming in glory.

I would like to suggest to you that most of these events are going on right now, including number five, The Shaking.

The shaking goes on in many ways. . . .  A friend of mine who purported to have a good relationship with God.  He said he really trusted the Lord.  He seemed to rely on Him completely and totally.  Until one day when he thought God failed him in a time of need.

Twice my friend failed a language examination he had to pass in order to earn a Ph. D. degree.  And since he felt as if he was relying totally on God, my friend felt that God had let him down.  The third time he took the exam he didn’t pray.  But he passed.  And his shaking time was upon him.

No, he didn’t leave the church.

He said he is in the strange position of following Christ but not with all his heart. . . .  He said he is increasingly resistant to the pleading of the Holy Spirit.

His last words to me in a letter are these; “For me to change I must be willing to say, ‘Thy will be done,’ a fact that will cost me dearly if I don’t do something soon.”

I haven’t heard from him in quite a while.  But one thing I do know.  There is a shaking going on.  The final events of prophecy are taking place right now.  They are going on all around us.

Many today in the church are drifting.  And because they are drifting, there is a slack in the lifeline of their faith in God.  Meanwhile, Satan is doing his best to cut that lifeline.

When trouble strikes, these people are in a spiritual lethargy.  They know they ought to be doing something.  But they just can’t seem to get it going.  And almost before they know it, their church attendance begins to slide until finally it stops altogether.

As His peace flows into your life, you will know for sure that Jesus is around today to help.  To help people like you and me survive the shaking.”  Help Lord, I Blew It Again pp 100, 106 by Mike Jones, Pacific Press Publishing Association


Banana Tortilla Burrito:

La Tortilla, 1 shell, 12 grams fiber

Peanut Butter 4 heaping Tablespoons spread on the tortilla, 5 grams fiber

1 Banana cut the long way in 3 to 4 slices, 3 grams fiber.

Place across the tortilla and peanut butter then roll up like a burrito.  May be cut in halves or quarters as desired.

Children will enjoy making them as well as eating them.

Total fiber per Burrito, 20 grams.

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