W.A.Y F.U.N (Youth Group)

Posted on 2016.01.25 by Rebecca • Updated on 2020.07.16

(Woodside~Adventist~Youth   Fellowship~Unity~Nurture)

We are currently not meeting in in person due to the current world wide Pandemic. Thank you for your interest. Please check after ministries start back up. 

Meets every 1st & 3rd Saturdays at 6:00pm. For youth of school age children.

Dinner is provided for and by the youth group. We also share songs, fellowship and tons of physical games.youth arms

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MOMSnext Feb 1, 2016

Posted on 2016.01.25 by Rebecca • Updated on 2016.03.24


6:30pm Potluck Dessert

We will be covering Container gardening, benefits and negatives, what you need to get started and things to watch for.
All the thing you need to get your container plants to flourish.

More information about MOMSnext http://woodsidesda.org/momsnext/

More information about MOPS international

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Faith In Film Feb 12, 2016

Posted on 2016.01.25 by Rebecca • Updated on 2016.01.25

We will be watching A Box of Faith 6:30pm
Bring Healthy Snacks to share

After her mother dies and her dad is imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit, 16-year-old Dior is forced to live on the streets. Ms. Ward, a social worker, makes it her mission to track down the wily teen, who manages to stay a step ahead. Through their cat-and-mouse game, they unexpectedly teach each other the meaning of love and acceptance.

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Woodside Pie Auction & Talent Show

Posted on 2016.01.08 by Rebecca • Updated on 2016.01.25

January 23, 2016 in the Center 6:30pm -9pm

Join us for our 7th annual Talent Show and Pie Auction This years theme is Pathfinder pie auction theme

Admission is one Pie. First part of the program is the Woodside Talent show and then we auction off the pies. All donations support the Pathfinder club. All Pies and donations may be dropped off in advance after filling out a label. All “Circus” performers must coordinate with our ring master Rick J. for time slots.


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MOMSnext Jan 18, 2016

Posted on 2016.01.08 by Rebecca • Updated on 2016.01.08

Join us for our Spring Semester registration.

Sign up for friends, fellowship and food.

Our meetings are 1st & 3rd M0ndays From 6:30pm -9pm in the Woodside Center at the rear of the property across the bridge.

We are continuing our theme from MOPS to Celebrating Lavishly, Embracing Rest and Noticing Goodness.

Please give a call or email is you have any questions momsnext@woodsidesda.org

Rebecca S.

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Faith in Film Jan 9, 2016

Posted on 2016.01.07 by Rebecca • Updated on 2016.01.07

We will be Watching War Room 6:30pm
Bring Healthy Snacks to share

With great jobs, a beautiful daughter (Alena Pitts) and a dream house, the Jordans seem to have it all. Appearances can be deceiving, however, as husband Tony (T.C. Stallings) flirts with temptation and wife Elizabeth (Priscilla Shirer) becomes increasingly bitter, crumbling under the strain of a failing marriage. Their lives take an unexpected turn for the better when Elizabeth meets her newest client, Miss Clara (Karen Abercrombie), who encourages the couple to find happiness through prayer.


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