Bulletin July 26, 2014

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Inviting His Presence

Meditation “Prayer”


Songs of Praise Hymn

#229, “All Hail the Power of  Jesus Name”

#223, “Crown Him with many Crowns”

#249 “Praise Him, Praise him”

Hearing His Words

Scripture 2 Kings 2:23-24

“Don’t Mock the Bald Guy”  Speaker Rick Johnston

Responding to His Spirit

Responding with Song


Children’s story

Closing Song Hymn

#530 “It is Well with my Soul”

Parting Blessing Rick Johnston


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Bulletin: July 19, 2014

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#585 “When Christ was lifted from the Earth” 

#350 “Blest Be the Tie That Binds”

Scripture: Luke 10: 25-37  

Special Music  :   Julio Iraheta

Sermon :     “How To Really Love Your Neighbor”  –   Janine Harrington


#482 “Father Lead Me Day by Day”    


Children’s Story

Closing Song              Side By Side

Parting Blessing    –  Janine Harrington


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Bulletin July 12, 2014

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Songs of Praise

“We are one in the Spirit”

#75, “The Wonder of it All”

“How He Loves You and Me”

Prayer Song: #530, “It is Well with My Soul”


Children’s Story

Scripture:                            1 John 4:7-11


Love—The Advent Message : Elder Brent Lindgren

Closing Hymn

#248, “oh How I Love Jesus”

Parting Blessing

Postlude Organ

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Vegetarian Potluck: July 19

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Hosted by: Joy of Living Ministry

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Re-Creation in Nature: July 26

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Lodi Lake Nature Trail

 lodi trail
This nature trail is an easy 2-mile loop.  Terrain is part paved road and groomed dirt trail.  Great for all ages.  Lots of shade.
Direction:  Take CA-99 toward Fresno (southbound).  Exit Turner Road 267A in Lodi.  Stay on the right to exit and the off ramp loops around. Turn left at the stop.  Drive 1.5 miles to the park entrance on the right, or turn a little sooner on Laurel Ave. where you can find free parking.   The trail head to the nature area is ¼ mile toward the right after the park entrance.  Parking fee is $5 if you wish to park in the park parking lot.
We will meet at the park entrance at 3:30pm.
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Bulletin July 5, 2014

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Baby Dedication
Songs of Praise
#526, “Because He Lives”
#286, “Wonderful Words of Life”
#213, “Jesus is Coming Again”
Scripture: JOHN 8:31-36
Sermon: GODS LIBERTY – Elder Tom Hamilton
Responding with Prayer
#647, “Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory”
Responding with Prayer
Children’s Story
CLOSING HYMN #337, “Redeemed!”
Parting Blessing

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