JOY Excursion to Sacramento Zoo

Posted on 2013.06.26 by • Updated on 2013.06.26

JOY (Just Older Youth) enjoying a trip to the Sacramento Zoo and looking forward to future fun activities.

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Indonesian! Free Vegetarian Cooking Class

Posted on 2013.06.05 by • Updated on 2013.06.17

2013.06 JOC IndonesianLearn to cook simple, delicious, vegetarian dishes, sample take-home recipes, door prizes and much more “fun for the whole family” at this months free vegetarian cooking class:


Saturday, June 15th, 2013 @ 6pm

This months class will focus on several delicious, nutritious meals including: Tempe Soy Sauce & Rice, Sayur Lodeh & Coconut Ice Cream.

For more information call 916-482-6444

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