Andrew’s Study Bible Orientation

Posted on 2012.05.31 by • Updated on 2012.07.06

One of the most valuable devotional tools is an excellent study Bible.  Recently many households at Woodside purchased the newly released Andrew’s Study Bible.  On Saturday, June 9 at 6 PM, Pastor McHan will lead an informative and interactive orientation to the many outstanding resources included in this publication.

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So Happy it Hurts

Posted on 2012.05.31 by • Updated on 2013.09.13

Remember the last time you were with friends who were contagiously happy?  Maybe they were laughing so hard you couldn’t keep from laughing with them.  We usually associate smiles with really good times, when things work out just right.  The only problem is that things don’t always feel like they’ve worked out just right.  So the Bible’s encouragement to consider it joy when trouble comes is a provocative world view.  Join us this Saturday, June 2 at 11 AM for more on this topic.

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