Sabbath School

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Cradle Roll

Join one of the Bible Study Small Groups that meet each Sabbath morning on campus. It’s a safe and inviting way for those who have a desire to deepen their biblical understanding, share their biblical discoveries and apply the scriptures to their lives.

Several classes are available for a variety of age groups from 9:30 am to 10:30 am each Sabbath morning. Let one of our friendly greeters know you’re interested and they’ll show you where to go:

Cradle Roll*0-3
Youth/Young Adult16-30
Adult, Hearing Assisted30+
Adult, English30+
Adult, Ethiopian30+
*A parent/guardian must accompany their child.

All are interactive and you will enjoy getting better acquainted with the other members of your class. Pick the brains of your teachers and fellow students and enjoy learning together!

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Prayer Partners

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Each Sabbath morning and many times throughout the week, a faithful group of Prayer Partners bow their heads to seek God’s intervention for numerous requests received during the week. On Sabbath morning the emphasis is on the Sabbath School leadership and the Worship hour that a special blessing and a unique experience will be had by each one who attends. New prayer partners are always needed. Join us!

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Our Library

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There are many excellent books available in the Woodside library. Is open after Worship at 12pm on Sabbath Afternoons.

In addition our shelves are stacked with an assortment of videos and audio recordings as well. Our librarian Dick West works very hard to bring the latest books our publishers have to offer. There are a few duplicate books he has for sale if you would like to expand your own library. Just call the church office and we will set a time for you to browse the shelves. The greatest record of events has to be the Holy Bible. We suggest you read it every day!

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